Meal Prep

Hills Kitchen is a locally owned meal prep company bringing fresh, flavorful, & healthy meals to your table. Life is busy, we are here to handle the meal prep for you!

Hills Kitchen does not have a weekly meal subscription. We offer meal prep for you, when you need it. We offer breakfast, lunch, & dinner options. All meals can be customized to suit you!
Our variety ensures you are never bored while still fueling your body with high quality and fresh food that also tastes great. Macros can be provided for your meal prep order on request.

Why Should You Choose Meal Prep:

  • Save time by not having to search for recipes, determine your meals, & shopping lists each week!

  • Save money by limiting the waste you get from that produce/proteins you had all intentions of using but went bad first.

  • Stay on track with your dietary goals with quick, convenient food that is still GOOD for you!

  • Quality food makes a difference in how you feel daily. A healthy diet with clean ingredients gives you more energy, less bloating, reduces medical risks, and makes your soul happy!

What makes us unique?

  • We pride ourselves on using high quality, fresh, produce in every dish.

  • We are cognizant of where we obtain our proteins to ensure quality and freshness.

  • Our customer service is outstanding! Although we have all the conveniences of technology with online ordering, we are a small, locally owned company that takes pride in getting to know you and your needs as an individual. You are not just a number to us! We know you by name, can often predict your orders, remember your dietary preferences & always greet you with a warm smile!

  • Variety - You won't be eating the same thing every day (unless you want to) thanks to the plethora of options to choose from! Our menu gets rotated every few months and each week we have great specials to choose from.

  • We offer Celiac friendly options. We follow a celiac protocol that allows us to provide healthy food to those who need the extra care, trust, and attention in their food prep. We fill Celiac orders in a fresh kitchen completely separate from other orders to reduce risk of gluten cross contamination. These orders are not charged a fee for this, but we ask that you be flexible on pickup day for your order so that we can accommodate this need for you!

  • We make most everything we can from scratch which allows us to eliminate the "junk" found in food. We do not use additional refined sugars, offer low sodium, and accommodate medical dietary needs. The best part, our food is still full of flavor!